Saturday, 28 December 2013

How Capitalism Destroys Scientific Innovation

There is an infrastructural issue in late capitalism which undermines conceptual science.

This issue exists on two levels.

The over-focus on performative science of immediate economic benefit reduces the funding available for more innovative, conceptual cutting edge science that will benefit humanity in the medium to long term.

Additionally the limited funding available in, say, cosmology becomes over-subscribed leading to a global scientific cartel of shared interests who are protective of their financial lubrications regardless of the validity of their particular science.

This acts as a deceleration on discovery.

Take the multiverse first put forward by Hugh Everett in the late fifties.
It took nearly 50 years for any significant breach of the global scientific front of nay-sayers who each possessed a vested interest in the status quo.

The innovative nature of science is totally undermined by this refusal to accept the positive impacts of new knowledge and exactly mirrors, ironically, the blinkered thinking by states and business over man-made climate change (where mainstream science finds itself on the other side of the fence).

With cosmology, there is an additional layer of friction on innovation.
By maintaining a robust yet fake view of the universe, the scientific cartel further slow future innovation by educating future scientists in out-dated gobbledygook.

Such restricted experimentation of mind and deed does not prevent human advancement in science though.
The new movements merely develop elsewhere (at the Natural Philosophy Alliance, for example).

So while allegedly first tier university cosmology departments continue with their fictitious wave functions, inflationary processes, dark energies and a singular universe, the really radical thought is elsewhere.

We live in a multiverse.

The real solution probably lies in a complex holistical combination of:

i) a multiverse on several levels, 

ii) Big Bang/Big Crunch cycling in each individual universe, or,

iii) A Little Bang with each individual universe being a three-dimensional surface of a four-sphere,

iv) Quantum Bayesianism,

v)  Multiversal consciousness as a fundamental of the cosmos,

vi) Time being at best relative, and at worst an illusion.


A Love Supreme.